Friday, March 24th - 3:00-4:30pm
"Building Your Alpaca Farm"
Rick Stumpf, Prairie Lake Alpacas, Smithsburg, MD

Prairie Lake Alpacas became a reality in 1998 with the purchase of our first alpacas. Original training led to a career in teaching construction electricity for 20 years. In addition, we have owned and operated Dixie Electric, Inc, an electrical contracting and underground utilities installation company for 38 years. Since owning alpacas, it has been our great pleasure to have provided services for many alpaca farms. We specialize in products designed to ease the minds and workloads of alpaca breeders, both large and small.

“Building Your Alpaca Farm” This seminar is for the new and existing alpaca farm owner. Topics discussed in this seminar will include shelters, fencing and utilities as each relates to the day to day activities of alpaca farming in order to provide for not only a safe but convenient environment for both alpacas and there human caretakers. Each topic will cover the nuts and bolts as stand alone ideas but will also tie these ideas and concepts into other related topics. There will be discussion of cost verses value regarding various farm amenities including high tech applications such as video monitoring and electrical generators.

Saturday, March 25th – 11:00am
"General Nutrition and New Innovations"
Tom Rohanna, Territory Manager, Nutrena

Graduated from Youngstown State University in 1987 with a BS in Business Administration. He grew up on the family dairy farm and was actively involved with the family dairy operation until the herd dispersal in 2007. He has been with Cargill Animal Nutrition since 1991. From 91 to 96 he was the dairy nutritionist for W.PA and E. OH. From 96 to present he has been the Territory Manager for W.PA, WV and E.OH. He attended continuing Ed. Classes at Texas A&M and Purdue. He resides in Waynesburg with his wife and has 3 children. He helps maintains a 100 cow beef herd with his family and continues to raise corn, soybeans and hay.

Saturday, March 25th – Halter Show Lunch Break –
approx. 12:00 noon – 12:45pm
"Making Sense of EPDs - How to use EPDs to improve your herd"
Shauna R. Brummet, PhD, Hobby Horse Farm & The Ohio State University

Dr. Brummet is co-owner of Hobby Horse Farm Alpacas and Samoyed Dogs, with her husband Jeff Skinner. She is President & CEO of BioHio Research Park, an Affiliate of The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Brummet has broad experience in life science research and product development, start-up and global companies, innovation and technology commercialization, technology-based economic development, and open innovation.

Shauna is a graduate of Purdue University (BS in Microbiology), University of Akron (MS in Analytical Chemistry and PhD in Biochemistry), and post-doctoral work at The Ohio State University Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center in molecular biology.

As ARI’s Chief Scientist Dr. Brummet led the development and implementation of the EPD program in 2008 to better utilize ARI's database and provide tools for genetic evaluation and improved breeding decisions.

Saturday, March 25th – 2:30 – 3:00pm
"Internet Marketing Made Easy(er)"
Dan Coulter- Openherd National Sales Manager

After he and his wife moved their family of eleven to the country in 1999, and with the prodding of his teenage son, Dan began what would have considered by most he knew him to be an unlikely career in the alpaca industry. He started Day Star Alpacas in North Jackson, Ohio. His initial herd of 6 alpacas grew to 24 in a couple years. This is when he developed an appreciation for selling, and not just accumulating alpacas.

With as much interest in alpaca breeders as the alpacas themselves, Dan developed new marketing venues for breeders to showcase their alpacas. Along with a couple other breeders, in 2003 Dan created the Great Ohio Alpaca Tour. This was a unique event to the alpaca community. It featured an “Open Farm” approach where the public could come to various farms throughout Northeast Ohio on a specific weekend, and get up close and personal with an alpaca. This event grew steadily for its three year run. The concept was picked up by others in the national alpaca community, where it continued to bring the experience of alpacas to interested and appreciative people.

Dan recognized that few in the alpaca industry enjoyed marketing, so in 2007 he created His intention was to provide dynamic, enjoyable, and affordable ways for people to get their alpacas in front of as many people as possible. Along with many website innovations developed on AlpacaStreet, he also provided such unique features as The One Hour Auction, Online Herdsire Breeding Auctions, and Breeder Marketing Groups.

In a bold move to address the challenges of today’s alpaca market place, Dan arranged to have AlpacaStreet, arguably the industry’s most innovative website, join forces with Openherd, arguably the industry’s most technologically advanced website. The goal of this effort is to provide a broader marketing reach for alpaca breeders by giving them two sites in which to showcase their alpacas. Two terrific sites that feed off the same data base in two very different venues. And, realizing a shared philosophy with Openherd, this combined effort is as budget-friendly as both sites have always been.

Dan currently is National Sales Manager for Openherd, which is establishing itself as the pre-eminent online livestock marketplace; serving the alpaca, yak, goat, and miniature horse industries.

Saturday, March 25th – 3:30 – 4:30pm
"Current options available for fiber in the industry"
Jody Hezoucky - Lana Bella Apaca Farm

Jody and her family started raising alpacas in Hudson Ohio 1997. In 2004 they moved to a 53-acre farm in Carrollton, Ohio. Lana Bella Alpaca Farm is home to over 25 alpacas, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. Jody’s husband Frank is a project manager at Hendrickson during the week, but has managed to transform Lana Bella alpaca Farm into a showplace for visitors. She has 2 sons Derek and Deven.

Jody graduated from Kent State University with a BA in Marketing and a BA in Transportation and Logistics. She worked as a transportation specialist for over 15 years before being able to stay home with the boys and the alpacas.

In 2008 Jody was researching possible outlets for their fiber and was recommended by a client to research Coarse Broads and the NFP fiber cooperative. That led to inviting Coarse Broads to their farm to give the Fiber sorting for maximum profit seminar to more than 20 local breeders.

That was the eye-opening experience she needed. Jody traveled to Harrisville NH in spring of 09 for the sorting certification class and was certified by Aug. 09. In 2015 Certified Sorted Systems joined forces with Wini Lebreque forming SGC (Sorting Grading Classing). SCG is working with SUNY/Cobleskill in offering a standardized US Fiber Sorting/Grading program in the US. SUNY/Pace will be offering sorter training with Continuing Education Credits and Certificates of Completion through each phase of the training.

Jody currently manages the Natural Fiber Producers (NFP) De-Haring project and the product distribution center for NFP members, applying her transportation knowledge to help keep freight cost to a minimum